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we believe that a wine should taste exactly as the winemaker intended, from the barrel to keg and right out of the Tap. A Fresh Quality pour every time.

Bringing You Closer

To The Vineyard

Tap Kings offers the evolution of wine by the glass dispensed from our one-way disposable KeyKeg system, eliminating oxidation, and leading to a fresh pour from the 1st glass to the last glass. Wine On Tap eliminates the need for wasteful bottles, plastic, cardboard, corks, and packaging, leading to cheaper garbage pick-ups and reduced storage. Service is more streamlined, as there are no cases to receive, no bottles to stock, and no corks to open. Set up is easy and there is no labor cost!

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Math that Makes Sense

The economics of wine on tap benefits both operators and guests. Wine on tap is more economical, and therefore more economical for the customer. Owners can pass down the savings, getting a better wine at a more modest price.

Service Is More Efficient

Adding wine taps help keep service running smoothly and efficiently especially when the restaurant gets crowded. If you're doing any kind of volume, it really helps to the get drinks out quick.

Improved Guest Experiences

As wine kegs become more commonplace in bars around the country, consumers are getting up to speed, too. In the beginning, it was something new to people, but the awesome thing about wine on tap is that you can pour a little taste to find out what they like.

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